Thermometers (2020/ongoing), Thailand - during new (ab)normal living.

Since Covid-19 pandemic around the world in March (2020) I have started recording my daily life while they were measuring my body temperature fever (as point a gun on my head) when I was in the supermarket during the lockdown and continue documenting other places after the unlocked.

In Thailand, the government has been set the new (ab)normal life rule (as overprotective) for people to control the Coronavirus disease spreading during the lockdown and still using after unlocked the country although, we got the lowest-number as zero cases (inside the country) several weeks. However, we need to measure body temperature fever before getting inside many places following the new (ab)normal life setting - if we get a high temperature, they will not allow to entering (by order).

March (2020) - present. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What are your new (ab)normal look like?